The Christian rock band Pillar is committed to using their music as a platform to share messages of Christ’s love and forgiveness with teenagers and young adults.
“We’re just four guys who want to help people change their lives and connect them to Christ,” lead singer Rob Beckley said.  “One of the main messages we share at our concerts is that Christ heals every sin that we could have possibly ever done, and He washes us clean.”
Beckley formed the band after serving in the U.S. Army. 
“Growing up, I had been one of those kids who didn’t necessarily listen during the church services, but I was there,” he admitted.  “It wasn’t until after I had joined the Army and I was in basic training that someone asked me where I stood with God.  Later on, I began to think about the question and began to really feel convicted.  I knew that I needed to ask God to forgive me.”
Today, as the band performs at events around the country, they hope their concerts will spark life-changing encounters with God.  Following the release of their latest album, Confessions, the band designated a booth at their concerts and provided index cards for people to anonymously confess their personal struggles, issues and addictions.
“As a band, we wanted to give people a way to pour out their hearts and to start a healing process in their lives,” Beckley said. “While we realize that just because someone fills out a card that their life isn’t going to change overnight, at least they are making an important first step in acknowledging their sins and wanting to confess their sins to God.”
Although most cards were filled out anonymously, some participants included their contact information.  After each concert, band members read each card and prayed over them.
“We’ve had kids struggling with deeply painful life experiences and are dealing with anger, doubt, suicidal thoughts, cutting and addictions,” Beckley said. “If there was a name on the card, we contacted local youth leaders so they could get in touch with those students.  We take this very seriously.
“More than ever, this experience really puts things into perspective. Instead of looking at our concerts as a performance or production, we’re look at it as a setting to connect with these kids. I think it really fuels our fire to pray for all these people and to know that we’re providing them with an atmosphere that is encouraging — not just for one night — but for eternity.”
Further addressing the theme of confession and repentance, Pillar teamed with the American Bible Society to release the “Confessions” book.  This resource covers some of the most difficult issues affecting today’s youth: spiritual doubts, sexuality, brokenness and self-image.  Each section includes personal struggles, a short devotional, reflection questions and Scripture references for digging deeper.
The book was given away at Pillar concerts and can be ordered online at (free, plus shipping and handling.) Here, you can also view an e-version and download three exclusive online-only chapters.
“Looking back on my life, I realize that God was just setting me up for His plan,” Beckley said. “Most people probably would never have pictured me in this position, but it shows what God can do once He gets a hold of you and you allow Him to work in your life.”[youtube=]