As a special music feature for the newest VeggieTales episode, “Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God’s Own Heart,” (which releases July 31), Big Idea Productions enlisted the songwriting talents of Nichole Nordeman, who wrote and recorded the original new song, “Beautiful For Me.”  
“In this story, the character of Sweetpea is described as a girl after God’s own heart because she is always looking for and finding real beauty in people and in the world around her,” Nordeman said. “She seems to be able to look past all of the ‘surfacey’ stuff everyone else seems to be getting caught up in. She’s not afraid to peel back as many layers as she needs to in order to find something beautiful. I think that is certainly what God asks of us — to peel back a few layers and take a look at what’s happening on the inside.”
Nordeman, who has two young children, greatly appreciates the valuable lessons that VeggieTales provides for children and was eager to collaborate on this project.
While brainstorming ideas for the song, Nordeman thought about the values she hopes to instill in her own children as they get older and the importance of teaching them how to develop healthy self-images based on Godly principles.
“I felt a big responsibility as a mom to be very intentional about sending the right messages, especially since today’s society is going to bombard children with images and lies all day long,” Nordeman noted. “Parents have to really be proactive about helping their children understand what true beauty is about.
“My favorite scene in the film is when Sweetpea is in the forest and finds beauty in all sorts of unconventional things that might not be considered beautiful to anyone else. Her friend, Prince Larry, says to her: ‘How is it that you find beauty in everything?’ Sweetpea responds: ‘I don’t. It’s God who sees beauty in everything. I just choose to agree with Him.’  I thought that was a great way to look at ourselves.
“God is the one who sees us as beautiful, and we can either choose to agree and say: ‘Thank you. I feel cherished and loved, and I choose to believe that,’ or ‘I disagree’ and work like crazy to improve on His work.  I just wonder if that doesn’t break God’s heart a little bit when His own creation is so unhappy with the work He’s done and spends a lifetime trying to improve upon it.  I hope that this story helps children realize that each of us is wonderfully made and nothing is more beautiful than being a child of the King.”[youtube=]