His debut album, All About You, hits stores in the US on Sept. 7 and is sure to be an anticipated arrival for the Swiss singer/songwriter known as Vlada.
Although his family, of Serbian descent, was of the Eastern Orthodox faith, Christianity was not practiced in their home. Yet even as a child, Vlada says he somehow knew in his heart that God was real. As a young adult, Vlada came to have a personal relationship with Christ during his tenure singing with a well-known Gospel choir in Switzerland and his life was forever changed.
“I wasn’t exposed to Christian faith growing up.  Still, I started praying — very simple, childlike prayers. I had no doubt that God existed and that He loved me, but I didn’t know anything about Jesus or the Bible. After I joined the Gospel choir, I was exposed to the message about salvation and realized that I should read the New Testament. While I was reading it, I realized that this was what I had been searching for all my life.”
All the songs on Vlada’s album, All About You, are original compositions and unique blend of soul, funk, pop and gospel.
“Each song is like a baby of mine.  I was inspired to write the song ‘All About You’ in the middle of the night.  I tried to catch some sleep when I suddenly got the lyrics, the groove and the bass line. I had to get up, go to the piano and write the song. It sums up that in the past I have been striving for fame and recognition, but this would inevitably leave me empty and unfulfilled. Life ultimately is about God, following Him and doing what He called me to do. Sometimes I still struggle with trying to get approval from people because I’m an artist and I’m on stage and we tend to seek recognition. But deep down I know that what I’m doing here is about and for God. This song sums it all up.
“My prayer is that God will encourage, challenge, touch and edify people through these songs.  The songs on this album cover the highs and lows of life — offering hope, joy and tunes that people can crank up and enjoy!
“My heart as an artist is to reach people of various backgrounds, ages and ethnicities with excellent, yet accessible music and the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to lead people into the presence of the living God through music, and thus create a setting in which God can heal, change and restore people’s lives. I especially want to reach people who don’t know Christ yet — wherever they are — be that in secular venues, schools, prisons or hospitals, bringing joy and freedom and spreading the love and Gospel of Jesus.”
** For more about this artist, check out www.vladamusic.com