BEC Recordings’ Artist Bebo Norman shares his favorite things about Christmas.  This has been a busy year for Bebo, who released a new album, Ocean, and recorded two songs for the Christmas album, O Come All Ye Faithful.


* Favorite Christmas Food: My Mom’s cheese grits and biscuits on Christmas morning…it’ll change your life.
* Christmas Tradition: Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion at the church I grew up in down in Columbus, GA
* Christmas Carol: O Come All Ye Faithful
* Christmas Album:  Amy Grant and Alabama Christmas
* Christmas Movie: ‘A Christmas Story’…although in recent years ‘Elf’ is running a close second
* What do you enjoy most about Christmas? No question, being with family and Christmas morning brunch at my Mom and Dad’s house
* Have you ever peeked at your presents before Christmas morning? No way!  That’s simply just not cool…

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