The Christmas countdown is rockin’ with Hawk Nelson’s lead singer Jason Dunn!

* Favorite Christmas Food: Turkey
* Christmas Tradition: Renting the ice at our local rink on Christmas Eve and playing hockey for hours on end.
* Christmas Carol: I Saw Three Ships
* Christmas Album: a mix cd that my father-in-law made for my wife and I with all the classics!
* Christmas Movie: Christmas Story
* What do you enjoy most about Christmas? Spending quality time with family and friends
* Have you ever peeked at your presents before Christmas morning? Have I ever not!!!! Actually this one time when I was about 11 years old, I wanted this carpenter kit called “Toy Workshop.” I saw it in the back of my parent’s van and I knew it was for me! I had to act surprised when I got it so they wouldn’t be sad.
** Be sure to check out Hawk Nelson singing “The Chipmunk Song” on Happy Christmas, Volume 5 (Tooth & Nail Records).  For more about Hawk Nelson, please visit