Over 22,000 college students descended on Atlanta, Ga., at the beginning of the month for the annual Passion Conference. The four-day conference included an all-star line-up of musicians (Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, David Crowder Band, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Redman and more) and speakers (Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, among others). What’s even more impressive is that these incredible talents weren’t the ones exalted to the forefront. They were simply vessels which carried messages of worship to the One who each Passion Conference strives to make the center of attention.

As in years past, Passion 2011 did a beautiful job of marrying worship and justice. Through its Do Something Now campaign, Passion began the conference with a lofty goal to raise $500,000 over the course of four days for a host of carefully selected charities, whose booths were set up on the concourses of the Georgia World Congress Center and the Phillips Arena where the event was held.

Throughout the conference, students were encouraged to visit the booths, learn more about the organizations represented there, and find ways to get involved. Prior to the conference, students were also encouraged to bring towels and socks for the area homeless. In total, 18,400 towels and 88,000 pairs of socks were collected for local Atlanta shelters. What’s more astounding is that the half a million dollar goal was greatly surpassed. By the end of the conference, more than $1.1 million dollars had been raised for the Do Something Now campaign.

“For us at Passion, being a movement for Jesus means loving the things He loves and moving where He moves in an effort to make Him happy and bring His light and love to all people of the world,” Passion founder Louie Giglio writes on his blog. “Knowing that Jesus always moves to the weak, the poor, the prisoner and to those without a voice, Do Something Now has become a vital part of the fabric of every Passion gathering.”

This year, a second Passion event is set to take place in Ft. Worth, Texas, April 1-3. For those unable to attend Passion, sessions will be broadcast live from the Passion site during the event, and Passion 2011 Digital All Access passes are also available. All Access passes provide fans with exclusive access to photos and videos from the conference.

With each year’s gathering, a new live Passion CD is born. This year is no exception. It was just recently announced that the new Passion album will be available March 8, tentatively titled Here for You (sixstepsrecords).

Check out some of the videos below from fans who attended Passion 2011 in Atlanta. For more info on all things Passion, visit www.268generation.com.

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