The Grammy Awards show, often declared “Music’s Biggest Night”, is generally devoid of faith-based content, apart from the frequent and sometimes incongruous thanks to God in acceptance speeches. However, there are several established Christian music categories that are part of the Grammy Awards; they just never get any airtime. We aim to remedy that this year, at least in a small way.

There is near-unanimous praise among the critics for the slate of nominees in the Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album category. Consider the excellence and diversity in these astute picks:

Church Music / David Crowder Band

For Those Who Wait / Fireflight

Beautiful Things / Gungor

Rehab / Lecrae

Hello Hurricane / Switchfoot

Join us over the rest of this weekend as we follow the Grammy journey of one of those nominees, Denver band Gungor, worship leaders and self-ascribed practitioners of “liturgical post-rock”. They’re boarding a plane for L.A. today with a full slate of Grammy activities ahead of them, and we’re giving you their inside perspective. Subscribe or check back often for live updates all weekend long.