[Note: this post is part of a series of live updates chronicling the Grammy experience for first-time nominee Gungor.]

It’s a little difficult for first-time Grammy nominees to figure out all the logistics. It’s one thing to sort out who’s arriving when and staying where, but it’s another to know which events are worth attending, when to show up, and how to get there. Nominees get invitations to lots of functions, and a bit of experience helps them know what to do.

That’s why the Gungor clan changed their minds about one such event, the Nominee Reception Party. They had initially decided to pass, since the party was scheduled for 5:00 Saturday evening, a time when they knew they’d be busy getting settled. Then the voice of experience, multi-Grammy-winner Israel Houghton, chimed in. He mentioned the importance of the event, encouraged the band to go, and even shared a secret: attendees get medallions. I know if I’m ever uncertain about attending a function, cool medallions will put me there every time.

Medallions won the day, and the Saturday schedule was shuffled to try to fit in the reception. Remember that part about new nominees figuring out how to get places? Sadly, it took longer than anticipated to get across town to the reception, and the group arrived at 8:15. For a 5:00 party. That ended at 7:00. The party was over.

This morning, Calvin just checked in from the Dream Center. He’s impressed with the production and the set up. The band is on the way for a sound check, followed by breakfast for the nominees, and then a roller coaster of a day! In Calvin’s words, “Pretty crazy, but very exciting.”

Ever wonder what Grammy tickets actually look like? Here they are: