FORT WORTH, Texas — Instead of spending the weekend simply hanging out with their friends, shopping or sleeping, nearly 10,000 college students gathered at the Fort Worth Convention Center for three days of worship, teaching, prayer for their generation and committing to honor Christ with their lives.

These students came with expectation — ready to be challenged and to dig deeper into Scripture with main sessions taught by Louie Giglio, Francis Chan and John Piper.

During the opening prayer, Giglio, who is the founder and director of Passion Conferences, reminded students of their true purpose in life — to lift up the name of Jesus and to live for Him.

In addition to main sessions, students and leaders were divided into community groups by color-coded wristbands where they could process and discuss teachings on a smaller scale with their peers.

The event kicked off Friday evening with Chris Tomlin and rapper LeCrae combining forces for an electrifying rendition of “Our God” — which was followed by Christy Nockels ushering worshippers before the throne of God with the soul-stirring “Revelation Song.”

A late night concert with David Crowder and LeCrae energized the crowd and pumped them up for an early morning session the following day. Students arrived bright and early Saturday morning — ready to worship, be challenged and respond to God’s call on their lives.

On Saturday morning, Crowder went back to traditional roots with hymns such as “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” and “Because He Lives.”

When Charlie Hall  led the crowd in “Christ is Risen” and Kristian Stanfill led “The Stand,” voices and hands continued being lifted high in praise and adoration. 

Recording artists and worship leaders involved with Passion Conferences are known for their humility while leading thousands in corporate worship. Their desire is to shine the spotlight brightly on God.

“We don’t show up as ‘artists’ at Passion events,” Hall said. “We show up as people who are going to be relentless about looking toward God and making Him the biggest, brightest thing there. I feel like the goal is always pounding in our hearts that we truly want the light to shine on God.”

The setting at Passion Conferences is designed to strengthen a believer’s relationship with Christ, and participants come eager to serve God and seek God’s will for their lives.

By merging a heart for worship with justice, the “Go Center” provided tangible ways to respond to find out more about global causes throughout the world.

As part of the “Do Something Now” campaign, students brought towels and socks for area homeless shelters. Students also donated money to help translate 90 Biblical stories into the heart language of the people in Mali, Africa.


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