The Doves are here! Today is the day. I’ve packed up my Netbook and my Nikon to bring you live coverage all day long.

This will be my first Dove Awards ceremony, so I’m heading into the day with several questions:

1) How well will the ceremony run? This is the first time the Doves have left the friendly confines of Tennessee, and with a new venue in a new town there will surely be glitches. There’s also a good chance of thunderstorms this evening, so that won’t help.

2) What will the media room be like? This part is particularly new to me. The media stay in a completely different area of the Fox Theater and only watch what’s going on in the ceremony on TV monitors. Presenters and winners are ushered in for press conferences and one-on-one interviews. I’d rather watch the whole ceremony and do the interviews afterwards, but I guess that’s not practical. Got a question you want me to ask? Let me know.

3) And by the way, what do media wear? Writers and photographers always seem kinda sloppy to me, but this is a fancy event. I’ll sneak some pictures and let you know.

4) What’s the vibe like? This event is often described as Christian Music’s Grammys, but I suspect (and hope) it will be quite different. It’s good to celebrate a year’s worth of Christian music, but the narcissism of awards shows would be out of place in a room full of people who claim the words of John 3:30: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” I’m curious to see how that tension can be resolved.

Look for articles and exclusive photos, and be sure to watch our live tweets during the event at @thesoundopinion.

Finally, some late-breaking news: Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Mark Hall will be performing “Children of God” together tonight. All are advocates of adoption. If you haven’t seen the song’s video, the message is powerful.