Jars of Clay, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Charlie Peacock all received shout-outs from Bono himself at Saturday night’s U2 show in Nashville, Tenn. Bono thanked them from stage for their work on behalf of the ONE campaign. Check out the video below to hear the shout-outs and to watch a live performance of “Moment of Surrender” and “All I Want Is You.”

While in Nashville, Bono also spent time personally with several of the artists mentioned above.

Michael W Smith's photo Deb and Em made an amazing lunch today for the family and our dear Irish friend.
Bono having lunch with Michael W. Smith at the Smith residence

Bono with Charlie Peacock and Joy Williams

Joy Williams (The Civil Wars) and husband Nate Yetton, Bono and Charlie Peacock before the Nashville U2 show