With introspective lyrics and acoustic sound, Danen Kane is finding unique ways to impact audiences in both coffee shops and church services — while making his mark on the Christian music scene with the release of his new album, Love is Waiting.


TSO: How did you become interested in music?

I really didn’t start growing in my faith until college when I got plugged into Campus Crusade for Christ. Up to that point, I hadn’t picked up an instrument or ever been in choir. I went to college to play basketball and was heavily involved in sports. It was during my sophomore year of college that I ended up picking up an acoustic guitar to learn a few chords so I could help with worship for Campus Crusade. As soon as I picked up the guitar, I fell in love with it and started writing songs almost immediately.

It’s kind of crazy, but I ended up releasing my first independent record a year after I picked up the guitar for the first time. Sports was my passion growing up. It’s what I did 5 hours a day, every day. It was pretty much what I lived for up until that point. I had a decent amount of success with it, but I also think it was a big idol in my life. I used it to gain popularity in high school and college. I kind of used it for my own gain, but when I picked up the guitar, it was with a really pure motive — just to learn some worship songs for my campus ministry. I really feel like God took that pure motive and blessed it to be used for His glory.

TSO: What do you hope people take away from the new album and from your concerts?

My music is really honest. I’ve had a lot of brokenness in my life, whether through relationships or abandonment. When people leave my concerts they will often say that they feel inspired to press in deeper into the Lord, to be real with their brokenness and to be okay with it. What I really strive to do with my music and ministry is to encourage people to have a relationship with the Lord and that our main priority in life should be to worship Him.

TSO: Share some stories behind a few of the songs on the album.

The song “Beautiful Mess” comes from my desire to live everyday to the fullest for Christ. However, it doesn’t take long before I mess up, make a mistake or fail in that goal. Despite my weakness and failures, God still brings me closer to Him and I realize how deep His grace is. My favorite song on the record is “Take it All.” It’s a challenge to the church and fellow believers to submit everything before the Lord and live a life that is counter-cultural. To really see God move in powerful ways, we have to be willing to really press into God and His word daily. The greatest treasure on earth is nothing compared to the greatness of God.

TSO: What’s typically your inspiration for songwriting?

Everyday life. I’ve been doing music full-time for about eight years. Early on, I really desired to be a worship leader so I tried to write corporate worship songs. But I didn’t feel like that type of song easily flowed out of me. What I really found that inspired me was the people around me. I found that I was most inspired to write songs about everyday experiences — problems, challenges and trying to live out the Christian walk. That’s where 90% of my inspiration for songwriting comes from. A lot of my songs are vertical to God, often in a prayer — just pouring out my heart to Him and asking for help, healing or asking Him to move in someone’s life.

TSO: Share some stories about how your music has impacted people.

I recently played a concert near my hometown and got an email from a 16-year-old girl who began cutting at a young age. She also struggled with an eating disorder and said for her entire life, she felt like a monster. After the concert, she said she managed to sit through my entire concert and said for the first time in a long time she felt the love of God and felt beautiful. Those are the types of stories that remind me why I do this. I never just want to go through the motions. I always want to impact lives and lead them to the Lord.

** For more info about Danen Kane, please visit www.danenkane.com