With songs filled with authenticity and vulnerability, American Idol alum Mandisa is sharing about Christ’s love and redemption while reminding people to remove the mask they often put on to hide their insecurities.  Her latest album, What If We Were Real, continues to impact and encourage listeners to draw closer to the Lord in times of struggles.

“Over the past few years, I’ve learned the power of being real and taking the mask off,” Mandisa says. “I thought for a long time that I had to put my brave face on, always smiling and showing the world how great life is.

 “But I’ve learned that it’s more powerful when we actually share our real lives and take the masks off. When that happens, it allows the body of Christ to grow closer and also allows non-believers to see not how great we are, but how great our God is. It takes their eyes off of us and allows them to focus on Jesus. That’s my hope for this album.

“At my concerts, I want people to walk away feeling hope and joy and also knowing that there is a God who is able to redeem even the most horrible situations in our lives and bring beauty from ashes.”

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