In addition to serving as the lead singer for Casting Crowns, Mark Hall has been the student minister at Eagle’s Landing Baptist Church outside of Atlanta for the past 18 years.

In the book, The Well: Why Are So Many Still Thirsty?, Hall uses the powerful story of the Woman at the Well and her encounter with Jesus to help readers understand why life often seems so unsatisfying when they draw from other “wells” besides Jesus.

The book also ties into the release of Casting Crowns’ newest album, Come To The Well. The band is touring across the country this fall, along with Sanctus Real, The Afters and newcomer Lindsay McCaul.

TSO: Tell about the inspiration for your new book and album.

Mark: The whole idea for The Well came about four years ago when I was reading the Bible early one morning. I was inspired by the story of the Woman at the Well trying to draw well water while Jesus was trying to talk to her about spiritual water.

It just sort of hit me that this is me as a Believer. So often when we come to Jesus, we think we have the solution to our problems already figured out. We just want him to agree with us and make it work. It’s just like he was telling the Samaritan woman, if you keep drinking from this well, you’re going to remain thirsty.

The whole idea of the record and the book is that friendships, relationships and careers are important in our lives, but they can’t be the wells that we draw from. We need to draw from Jesus first, and then pour into our friendships, relationships and careers. Your spouse is not created to complete you, that’s just a line from a movie. Jesus alone completes you. We end up setting up people, talents, jobs and other things to fail — because they were never meant to be the source to lead our lives. Jesus has always been the well. We have to draw from Him first, and then we can step into our marriage, career and friendships already full.

That’s the idea behind The Well — just walking through different areas of lives, showing examples that if we draw from our talents or people’s approval, what those scenarios will lead to and why we’re still going to be thirsty. But if we draw from Jesus, we will find fulfillment and purpose.

TSO: What’s your favorite part of what you do?

Mark: Hanging out with teenagers. I still want to be a youth pastor when I grow up! It’s why I get up in the morning — to show young people how to have their own friendship with God.

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