The Sound Opinion recently caught up with Anthem Lights, a band that is shining a bright light for Christ as they blaze up the charts with their self-titled debut album. The group is made up of Alan Powell, Chad Graham, Caleb Grimm and Kyle Kupecky.


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TSO: Tell about your background and how you got started in music.

* Alan: My background in church goes back a long, long way — even before I was born. My dad is a pastor, and I was in church every time the doors were open. I accepted Christ when I was six years old. I knew that I messed up and needed a Savior to fix that problem. With a childlike faith at six, I prayed and asked Jesus to be that Savior for me. That was my moment of salvation.

When I was 17, I remember very vividly leading worship for my youth group one night. I was in the middle of singing ‘Here I Am to Worship.’ Going into the second verse, I remember thinking, ‘Why do I believe this and why do I care?’ I kind of had latched onto my father’s faith up until that point. I didn’t go on this big spiritual journey or start to stray away from faith, but God used that time to help me solidify my own relationship with Him. I remembered all the lessons I learned growing up in Sunday School, but really got a firm grasp on my faith during that time. I read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, which really rocked my world at that point. From then on, I decided to make my faith in Christ become everything to me and truly, truly follow after Him. That was really a moment of life change and had a huge impact on the person I am today.

Music has always played a role in my life. Believe it or not, my sisters and I used to travel around and sang Southern Gospel music. I have since gone back to my parents house and burned all of the proof of it! During my college years, God used specific relationships to move my head and my heart back to music. Now here we are!

* Chad: I grew up in a Christian home, and I’m the only one in the band who is not a preacher’s kid actually. My dad was a deacon, though. I have definitely had my ups and downs and gone around in ‘circles’ if you will, which is a song on the record, by the way! I’ve always wanted to pursue music. God has kind of opened and shut doors along the way, but everything has led to this band. I couldn’t be more excited!

*Caleb: Like the others, I was pretty much at church every time the doors were open and found the Lord when I was 10 years old. I started singing in church a lot. During high school, I started playing the piano and writing songs. I studied music in college, which led me to these guys at Liberty University and the rest is history!

TSO: How did the band come together?

* Alan: I was actually living in Los Angeles and pursuing a solo, secular career after college. Chad and I have been friends a long time, and he called me up one day to talk about an idea. We go back a long way. My dad was the pastor of the church where his dad was the deacon at. Chad was wanting to enter Christian music, and we started talking about songwriting. I was telling him about some songs that I wasn’t going to be able to use since I was doing secular music. He flew out to visit, so we could write songs together and hang out. It was a really good vibe. Chad decided that he wanted me to write the songs for his record and a friend was going to produce it.

Everything came together and was done for the project except the final vocals. We thought it would be really cool to have multiple voices on the project. Our next thought was, ‘How are we going to find guys who not only have a heart for ministry, want to do music well, but also fit this vibe?’ We called our contacts at Liberty University and they all unanimously recommended Caleb and Kyle to us. We met with them and everything clicked. Great guys and great voices. At first, the group was just going to be Chad, Caleb and Kyle. About a week before the photo shoot, I called and asked if I could be a part of the band. It’s pretty unbelievable thinking back on how it all began.

TSO: What do you hope people will take away from your album and concerts?

* Alan: No matter what we’re going through as Believers, our focus needs to be on God at all times and discovering what He wants from us at that point in time. That’s our theme for the record, and we also want people to know that there is hope, meaning and purpose — and that is all found in a relationship in Jesus Christ. People don’t need to chase other things that are going to leave them empty and searching for more. There is fulfillment found in Christ.



TSO: What do you feel like God has been teaching you lately?

* Alan: I think a lot of people would be shocked to know that artists have it far from being on ‘easy street.’ These last few years have been some of the most difficult situations that I’ve ever gone through in a lot of ways. I’ve been studying 1 Peter, and reminded of what he says about enduring hardships and trials — so that your faith can be proven genuine and will result in praise, glory, honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. I think that God has been reminding us to have an eternal perspective on the different painful trials and tribulations that we are going to go through as Believers.

TSO: What’s your favorite part of what you do?

* Chad: Being able to deliver these power gifts to the audience and drawing them closer to Christ.

* Alan: We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people and hear how they are being impacted by the songs. This really is a ministry and we desire to reach people for God and to help make an eternal impact on their lives.