Jonny Diaz is counting down the days ‘til Christmas with The Sound Opinion!

Adding to the merriment of the season, he’s offering fans a chance to win an autographed acoustic guitar, a “More Beautiful You” lyrics canvas and other exciting prizes.


Visit his website for details!

* Favorite Christmas food: Chicken enchiladas (long story!!)

* Favorite Christmas tradition: On Christmas Eve we have a birthday party for Jesus

* Christmas carol: “O Holy Night”

* Christmas album: Dave Barnes

* Christmas movie: Elf

* What do you enjoy most about Christmas? Celebrating Jesus’ birthday with loved ones. We like to literally have a party with a cake and all.

* Share one of your favorite Christmas memories:

When I was about 14, my parents got me a new guitar. I was so excited because the one I learned on wouldn’t stay in tune.

* Are you the type of person who likes to peek at your presents before Christmas morning, or do you hold out?

I did once when I was little, and I immediately cried and told my parents. (Such a sissy!)

* What do you want for Christmas this year? A new golf bag

* What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Just a chance to unwind a little from a busy year of traveling…

* What are your plans for 2012?

I’m going to continue writing songs, playing shows, and record another CD.