In a special edition of the Christmas Countdown, several artists are sharing their favorite things about this season!

Chris Tomlin

What is your favorite Christmas food?

* Chris Tomlin: Greenberg Turkey from Tyler, Texas and wassle

* David Crowder: Anything but oyster dressing.



* Toby Mac Band:

+ I like all Christmas food… wait… I like all food. – Timmy Rose
+ My mom’s homemade dressing/stuffing and cranberry sauce and her homemade 3 layer chocolate cake! – B. “THE BOMB” HALEY
+ Egg Nog. It’s almost thick enough to be considered food right? – GabeReal
+ TobyMac:  Christmas pudding, Jamaica style.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

* Tomlin: I love watching It’s A Wonderful Life with my mom, and when we were young, my brothers and I loved watching Emmitt Otter’s Jugband Christmas with my dad.  Now I have started my own tradition of listening to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens each year.

David Crowder*Band

* Crowder: Well, I’m not sure if I can call it a “favorite,” but it is definitely interesting and I’d surely be upset if anything changed about it. We have two types of dressing every year. One is regular old dressing, and it is tasty, tasty. The other is oyster dressing. Neither is labeled, and they both look the same. Now, if you’re like me, and don’t feel the need for a mouthful of ocean at Christmas, then the moment of standing before the dressings, hoping you pick the right one is a very stressful one. Oh, and there’s also that green Jello salad stuff with pineapple, pecans and cottage cheese. What is that?

* Sara Groves: My family does advent the whole month of December leading up to Christmas, and it’s a very special time for us.

* Toby Mac Band:

+ I always think of my mom cooking little smokies and stuffed mushrooms.  Now my wife does it, and it’s awesome. – Timmy Rose
+ Everybody meeting up in St. Louis at my moms house to eat her amazing Christmas spread. – B. “THE BOMB” HALEY
+  My mom, brother and I would go to the Opryland Hotel every Christmas once we moved to Nashville. Seeing all the lights was always fun. – GabeReal   +Christmas at my Grandmother’s with our whole family. Lots of love, presents, and dancing. – Dave
+ TobyMac: We go to Jamaica for Christmas cause that’s where our family is from. So Jamaica on the cheap and Christmas with our family always works.

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

* Tomlin: My favorite is “O Holy Night.”  It’s so powerful to me. I don’t know what it is that resonates so much, but for some reason that song grabs me every time. I really feel the weight of it.  I feel the power of that song, the power of that lyric. “O Come All Ye Faithful” is a close second.

* Crowder: “What an impossible question. It totally depends on who’s singing it. Well, unless it’s Bing Crosby, and then it’s which ever one he’s singing.”

* TobyMac: “Angels We Have Heard On High”

Sara Groves




* Sara Groves:  “Silent Night”



What is your favorite Christmas album?

* Crowder: Bing Crosby. Strictly Bing Crosby. And Johnny Mathis, but mostly Bing Crosby. We actually had this old record player that you could stack records on the middle spindle thing and it would automatically feed the records. Once one would finish, the next one would drop. My parents would let me run it and I would stack all of Bing Crosby’s albums up and sit there with the album cover out. I can remember some of the big notes making me cry. I remember also being very unsure what it was exactly that I was crying about.


*TobyMac Band:

+ My dad has this classic album with everything from Bing Crosby to Frank Sinatra to Nat King Cole Christmas stuff on it.  All symphonic arrangements.  Then I heard Christmas In Hollis by RunDMC and that pretty much ruined it.  I was hooked. – DJ Maj

+ The Temptations Christmas and All the Gospel Christmas classics. – Mr. Talkbox

+ I grew up listening to a variety of the traditional standards, Silent Night, Joy to the World, O Come all Ye Faithful as well as some classics like Nat King Cole Christmas, and I love Mariah Carey’s Christmas cd. – Nirva

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

+ Tomlin: It’s A Wonderful Life

+ Crowder: Hands down, Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. I get so excited every time I see it’s coming on the television. Makes me feel 7 years old again. The most frustrating Christmas movie is Frosty The Snowman. I mean, the whole thing is based on these children, basically risking their lives, to save Frosty, to keep him from melting. Major drama involved in keeping this dude alive. And then, when the inevitable happens, he just says, ‘don’t worry kids, I’ll be back again next year.’ Seriously? So, like  when we almost died trying to save you, you didn’t think that would’ve been a decent time to announce that?

* Toby Mac Band:
+ A Christmas Carol hands down.  I get sucked in to that movie every time it’s on.  Watching Ebenezer go through the crusty-to-crunk metamorphosis, fireplace, M’Lady Anita and Uncle Maj’s world famous pot of gumbo……YESSSSSSSSUH!! – DJ Maj

+ The Polar Express has become my favorite Christmas movie! – Mr. Talkbox

+ Nativity Story – Nirva

+ Elf – TobyMac

Share one of your favorite Christmas memories.

* Tomlin: My favorite memory is my brothers and I sleeping together the night before Christmas when we were little.   We would wake up early in the morning then form a single file line in the hall and wait for our mom and dad to let us attack our gifts.

* Crowder: Actually, one of the Christmases I look back on with the most fondness was when I was eleven. We had taken a trip to visit my dad’s brother’s family in Louisville, Kentucky. I was sick with the flu the entire time. Just miserable. And I’m the worst sick person ever. All I do is moan, over and over, and repeatedly state the obvious, given my moaning, ‘ugh. I feel so bad. I don’t feel good at all. Moan. I don’t feel good.’ But there was snow on the ground, and I could see it from the couch where I spent most of my time. Everyone took such good care of me, and I got so much attention. I’m surprised I didn’t become a hypochondriac.

* Toby Mac Band:

+ I can’t think of one… I just remember being a kid and waking my parents up super early with piano or trumpet and thinking that it was a good idea.  I hope my kids don’t do that.  – Timmy Rose
+ Me getting my first snare drum at the age of 3 years old. – B. “THE BOMB” HALEY
+ TobyMac: Waking up ready to unwrap toys, but having to wait while my dad read the Christmas story around the breakfast table from a giant Bible.