Mosaic is made up of five musicians who met while studying at Belmont University in Nashville.  Although they all came from different parts of the country and had distinctly different musical backgrounds and tastes, they quickly realized they shared a common desire to communicate the truth of God’s Word through songs.

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We recently caught up with them to find out their favorite Christmas traditions and memories!

Favorite Traditions:

One of our favorite holiday traditions as a group is to hold an annual secret Santa among the members of Mosaic. Considering that there are only five of us and the fact that we are around each other almost constantly, pulling of secret Santa is a bit of a challenge. But the challenge is what makes it so much fun because we have to be VERY secretive and sneaky.

Favorite Christmas Carol:

Our favorite Christmas song has got to be “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” for a few different reasons. The most obvious reason is that this particular song is what started Mosaic in the first place. We were really just a group of college friends that had met together to eat a Christmas dinner before our Christmas break. We decided to start singing some songs together and came up with a version of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” that was full of six part harmony. That night we decide to record a Christmas album as a group over that next year before graduating from school.

The recording was meant to just be for us and our families, but the Christmas album that formed from that night ended up being Mosaic’s first album. So, this song played a crucial part in guiding us toward the ministry that God had prepared for us. Also, over the last few years of singing the song, we have come to really treasure the content and cry of longing for the Savior to come. It is a great reminder of the longing God’s people felt before the birth of Christ, and that longing is echoed in our hearts as we cry and long for His return.

Favorite Christmas Album:

Andrew Peterson is a favorite amongst all of the Mosaic members. We all especially love his Christmas album titled “Behold the Lamb of God.”

Favorite Christmas Food:

We are big fans of food, but the girls of Mosaic especially love sweets! 🙂 Christmas is a great excuse to eat more sweets than usual and to try tasty new or rare treats, so our girls make sure and take advantage of that time.

What do we enjoy most about Christmas?

It’s a great time to learn and/or remind yourself about the joy of giving. The Father gave us His Son and the grace displayed through Christ is also a gift from the Father to us. It’s something we didn’t deserve and we didn’t earn it, but He gave His Son to us and for us simply because He is good. It’s an awesome thing to remember during this season. Sometimes traditions can make us feel entitled, which isn’t their intent. Traditions are meant to remind us. That’s why we love the tradition of giving gifts, because it serves as a great reminder that our Father gave us the best and most glorious gift.

Favorite Christmas memory:

Mosaic really has two favorite Christmas memories. We all attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN and as Christmas of 2008 approached we were at that time simply a group of friends that decided to get together and share a Christmas meal. At that small dinner party we all started playing music and singing harmonies together for the first time. That night we came up with our album arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” It was that Christmas that we decided to make an album together as friends, though we had no idea that it would lead to the official formation of Mosaic. The next Christmas was equally as special because we finished our first album together (which happened to be a Christmas album) and we went on our first Christmas tour as a group. Since we each come from a different state, we ended up just visiting the churches we knew and had relationships with at our homes, but it ended up being a full three week tour a fun beginning of our journey that we will never forget.

Do you peek at presents or wait?

We all like the surprise and fun of opening gifts with our family and friends. Part of the fun of giving and receiving gifts is seeing and experiencing the reactions as gifts are opened.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

We are always really excited about our Christmas tour and this year is no different. We’ve been practicing Christmas music for a good while now and we are excited to share new arrangements as we travel around. Christmas is our busiest time as a group and so, as fun as it really is, we are always excited when the tour ends and we get to go see our families and take a small break from travel.

Plans for 2012?

Our plans are to continue in the ministry that God has given us. We are currently booking to fill up our schedule in 2012. Devon Graves, one of our members is actually going to be taking a sabbatical of sorts for a short time because she is actually going to go get married in France this June. The rest of the group will continue traveling and playing during that time, but we are excited because all of Mosaic will be attending the wedding in France next June. Also, there is talk of maybe starting a new album (or two) in the Fall of 2012. It’s going to be an exciting year.