As we wrap up this year’s Christmas Countdown with Josh Wilson, we hope you are enjoying a wonderful day filled with celebration while reflecting on our Savior’s birth!

What do you enjoy most about Christmas?

I love being with family, and I love traditions. For some reason on Christmas Day, we always eat Mexican food.  We also enjoy looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve as a family.  On Christmas morning, we read out of Luke 2 to remind ourselves of why we are alive and have hope — because of Jesus.  We’ll share gifts and focus on the spirit of giving, because Christ has given to us.  I have fond memories of Christmas and being with family.

What’s your favorite Christmas carol?  I love “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

What’s your favorite Christmas album?  The Elf Soundtrack

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?  Elf & Home Alone

Are you the type of person who likes to peek at your presents or do you hold out?

This could be incriminating!  I peek…. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better about waiting.  But as a kid, I would sneak in and unwrap the presents – and then tape them back up!  I do not recommend that! 🙂

What do you want for Christmas this year?  I want the new kindle touch.  I love to read, and it looks awesome!

Share one of your favorite Christmas memories.  

I was in high school saving up for a guitar, and it was the guitar of my dreams!  I wanted it more than anything.  It probably would have taken me a year to save up for it.  Every day, I would go into the store and play it.  Then, one day, it was gone.  I was devastated.

Well, fast forward two months later… Christmas morning rolls around and I walk into the living room and there was the guitar!  My dad bought it because he knew how much I wanted it, and he was afraid someone else was going to buy it.  So he snatched it up and didn’t tell me.  I’ve now had this guitar for 10 years, and it still goes everywhere with me!