What’s it like in the press room here at the Doves? It’s certainly unique. Attire ranges from tuxedos to skinny jeans to press crew in matching lime green vinyl jackets. In every corner of the room someone it broadcasting, interviewing, or photographing. The former are taking turns right now smiling for the camera on the platform while it’s available; soon it will be cordoned off for the parade of winners. Then there are the writers, like me, balancing laptops on our laps because there are no tables this year. I get that they’re named laptops, but they work much better on a table!

There are a pair of monitors with a live feed from the main stage. Once the awards are announced, artists are ushered through some of the mysterious backstage hallways linking the ballrooms at the Fox, and then they face the media. Flash bulbs illuminate the room like a collective strobe light. Surely the artists feel self-conscious, right?

The other thing to note is that it’s FREEZING!! I keep ducking outside just to warm up. The tents are out there, where the artists go after the gauntlet in here. Interviewers with live video feeds are ensconced in little partitions that offer at least a bit of quiet and a far less busy backdrop.

My favorite part of the press room is the chance to catch up with journalists from around the country, many of whom I only see once a year, and to meet new friends. It’s a diverse crowd – freelancers, career folks, and hard workers all around – and it’s fun to be among folks from so many walks of life with a common interest.