Quotes from backstage from the last half hour at the Doves. The parade of interviews is too quick for me to keep up, so some of these are slight paraphrases.

I asked RUSS TAFF what he’s learned from his storied career that he might pass on to a new artist. He said, “The industry will take what God has anointed in you and change it, reshape it, and in the end you become what they want from you, not what God put in you. Be yourself. Fight for it. Fight for what God gifted you with.”

LAURA STORY on the past year: “’Blessings’ is a song that came from the trials with my husband’s brain tumor and resulting disabilities. Of course, I would have rather written a song about the faith I got through winning the lottery, but it seems that faith through a trial means a lot more.”

KARI JOBE was asked the classic award show question, “Who styled you tonight?” Her response: “I did. I got the dress and my sister and I restyled it.”
And here it is: