Just had a fascinating chat with the “Keepers of the Doves”, two gentlemen with the lofty responsibility of signing out the trophies. They are with the accounting firm in charge of balloting and voting. Yes, real live accountants, like that guy who gets to go onstage and certify the Oscars. Here’s a secret: the winners don’t receive their actual Dove Award onstage. They get a “dummy” award, which doesn’t leave the stage area. Once they get here backstage, one of their reps visits my new accountant friends to sign out their award. The name plates are on the Doves, and I accidentally peeked at one of them before I realized what I was doing. I won’t tell you who won, but it’s kinda cool to know before anybody else (even the winner!).

Behind all the awards are stacks of boxes from whence they came. I asked if the artists take the boxes too… some do, some don’t. I did learn a tip that will come in handy should you, dear reader, ever win your own shiny bird statue. Apparently many artists shrink wrap their Doves before they go on the shelf. There’s some special wrap you can’t see that protects the award. Now you know.

My goal for the evening? If there’s an unused Dove box at the end of the night, it’s MINE!