Sanctus RealSanctus Real and several of their family members were on their tour bus, leaving a performance in Mitchellville, Maryland in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, June 3rd, when the bus driver spotted flames in the side-view mirror. He quickly stopped the bus, and everyone got off the bus safely. Thankfully, no one was injured. However, not knowing how severe the fire was, all of their personal belongings were left on the bus.  As a result, everything was destroyed in the fire, from clothing to laptops, cell phones and wallets. The trailer behind the bus containing much of the band’s equipment remained in tact, receiving the least amount of damage. The band was able to finish out their shows that week in Atlanta.
Sanctus Real Bus Fire
Sanctus Real Bus FireThere’s a way that fans can help. Although the band had bus insurance, the unexpected loss of transportation, technology and a large amount of personal items definitely leaves them in need. You can help the band, by making a donation here.