CCM Pepsi Cans Winter Jam Pepsi Can Pepsi MidAmerica is launching a line of Christian music cans featuring some of your favorite artists. The faces of Matthew West (Pepsi), Francesca Battistelli (Diet Pepsi), Matt Maher (Dr. Pepper) and TobyMac (Mountain Dew) will grace beverage cans across five different states throughout the fall. Each artist will appear on 3 million cans for a total of 12 million available in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Each can will feature a free song download from the artist pictured.

In addition to the four artist cans, later this year, Pepsi MidAmerica will also distribute 13 million Winter Jam-branded cans across a 13-state region. Pepsi is the premier sponsor of Winter Jam 2014 following their sponsorship of this year’s debut K-LOVE Fan Awards.

“Pepsi MidAmerica is honored to partner with K-LOVE to present the Christian Artist Can Panel series featuring some of Christian music’s finest artists,” comments Lee Crisp, President & COO of Pepsi MidAmerica. “These Pepsi cans were originally intended to quench thirst, but now we realize they’re able to quench a deeper thirst…a thirst of the soul.”

Pepsi Group Photo

(l-r) Matthew West, Lee Crisp (Pepsi MidAmerica), Francesca Battistelli, Stacie Crisp (Lee’s wife), Matt Maher, TobyMac

If these cans aren’t available in your state, fans have the opportunity to order a collector’s set for $15 through K-LOVE’s website. For more info, visit

Whose face would you like to see on a Pepsi can?