Natalie GrantNatalie Grant is a veritable Renaissance woman. She’s an award-winning singer, a wife and mother of three, a social activist and a role model to young girls everywhere. Young women aspire to be her. Fellow moms marvel at how she balances it all. However, Grant is quick to admit that she doesn’t have it all together and most of the time she’s just trying to make it from one minute to the next…without completely losing her mind.

“Truthfully, most days I feel like the spinning plates are going to all come crashing down around me, and I fall into bed and think, ‘OK, tomorrow I’ve got to do this better,'” she confides. “There’s never a perfect balance.”

Grant’s latest album, Hurricane (Curb), is aptly titled considering the whirlwind that has become her day-to-day reality. Hurricane is her first new studio project of all-new material in over three years, and the album features some of Grant’s most personal material to date. The songstress has become a staple at Christian radio, especially since the release of her landmark recording, Awaken (Curb), in 2005. However, while countless fans can sing every word to her new No. 1 single (the title track to Hurricane) or previous hits like “Held,” “Better Hands” or “Alive,” Grant is an avid Christian music fan herself. She may be a GRAMMY-nominated vocalist with a powerhouse voice that could rival the likes of Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, but Grant has absolutely no mainstream aspirations.

“I am such a fan of Christian music! It’s what I’ve always loved, and my whole career people have been like, ‘Well, you know, you could totally crossover.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to!'” she shares. Grant passionately defies the naysayers who view the industry as simply a “stepping stone” to secular music. “Quit coming to our industry and trying to use it as a stepping-stone,” she pleads. “Come here because you feel called to it.”

Christian radio is a constant in Grant’s home and car. “I listen to Christian radio proudly,” she shares. I’m not ashamed. I’m so excited about what’s happening in Christian music–the quality of the music that’s being made, the diversity of the music that’s being made. I think it’s just a fantastic thing, the Christian music industry.”

While she’s a passionate advocate for the genre, she’s also become a mentor to younger artists–a role she accepts humbly and takes extremely seriously. Two of the girls Grant has taken under her wing include Britt Nicole and Jamie Grace. The relationships evolved naturally, and the two young women both personally reach out to Grant for advice and encouragement on a regular basis.

Britt Nicole’s first live concert performance found her opening for Grant when she was just 17-years-old. Three years ago, she toured with Grant and the two have become close friends. “Now she just had a baby, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re all growing old together,'” gushes Grant. “It’s so fun with Britt asking me so many questions about what Pack ‘n Play to get and how to take a baby on the road.”

Jamie Grace comes over to Grant’s home often when she’s in Nashville. “Jamie is just, to me, the shining bright spot in our industry,” she says. “If the future looks like that, then we’re in good hands because she’s the real deal and seriously talented.”

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