castingcrownscometothewellIf you could ask anything from Grammy Award winning band Casting Crowns, what would it be?

Front-row tickets?

A signed CD?

A personal message from a band member?

Well, if you’ve got a wish-of-a-lifetime in mind, now’s your chance to have it fulfilled.

The Atlanta-based band has declared January to be the Month of Giving. Each day fans are asked to post their requests to the official Casting Crowns Facebook wall.

Winners are announced daily and so far have included:

Tickets for an autistic girl and her father to attend the Columbus, Ohio, concert. (January 7)

A Skype call to a serviceman in Afghanistan granted to a wife who hopes to lift his spirits. (January 8)

After the band hinted at their disappointment in no one asking for pizza, a pizza and a movie is being gifted to a church youth group. Rumor is Courageous may be the film frontrunner! (January 12)

Daily comments have been in the thousands, with a high so far of 7,435 on January 8. Nothing seems to be off limits, except for your football team to win. Requests have ranged from band merchandise and concert tickets to a trip to Disney World and a cure for cancer.

Casting CrownsGifting will continue each day until January 28, the release day for Casting Crowns’ latest studio album, THRIVE. THRIVE provides a musical challenge for Christians to dig deep in the truths of the Bible and then use that knowledge to reach out to a hurting world. It’s a theme that permeates lead singer/songwriter Mark Hall’s message to the 200 students who attend Eagles Landing First Baptist Church, long a source of inspiration for Hall’s writing. A companion book is being released separately.

“The idea of THRIVE came out of our student ministry and what we’ve been teaching for years on what a believer looks like,” says Hall in a press release. “This record and book is an effort to draw a picture of what a believer would look like if they dug into their roots and understood God and themselves more. We must first learn who God is and who we are. With that, half of our record is all about learning who God is and who you are. The other half is about how that works out. How are you going to get out there and let God live His life through you?”

THRIVE is available for pre-order on the band’s website and at retail outlets.

To get your request to Casting Crowns heard, like the band’s official Facebook page and comment daily.

Good Luck!