Stacie OrricoFor Christian music, the year 2000 ushered in a bevy of boy bands and pop princesses, clinging to the heels of mainstream’s mega success with NSYNC and Britney Spears. The biggest boy band success story came in the form of Plus One, while two young girls with big voices quickly became Spears’ Christian counterparts–Rachael Lampa and Stacie Orrico. (Lampa and Orrico remain good friends today. In fact, Orrico was even a bridesmaid in Lampa’s wedding.)

The three toured together and quickly became some of the most talked-about acts of the new millennium, thanks to loads of promotion and a ready-made sound that had “hit” written all over it.

Orrico signed a deal with ForeFront Records when she was only 12 years old. Thanks to a large amount of pre-release buzz, Orrico’s debut, Genuine (ForeFront), sold 13,000 units in its first week, charting the highest street week sales of a female Christian artist at the time. “Don’t Look At Me” became a break-out hit, topping the Christian charts for 10 consecutive weeks.

The soulful young singer brought a new R&B sound to Christian music, and Genuine soon achieved Gold status. Meanwhile, the mainstream world took notice, and Orrico signed with Virgin Records to release her self-titled sophomore effort in 2003. Stacie Orrico (Virgin/ForeFront) birthed two crossover hits, “Stuck” and “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life.” Orrico became a global sensation, touring extensively overseas. The album went on to sell over 3.5 million copies world-wide.

In the midst of working on her third album, Beautiful Awakening, Virgin merged with Capitol, and Orrico became a small fish in a big pond. The release of the album kept getting bumped, and songs from the album were leaked online. It eventually released quietly and in limited numbers overseas without much fanfare or promotion and never saw the light of day in the U.S. After that, Orrico essentially disappeared.

After seven years, last November, the now 27-year-old emerged from her indefinite hiatus to give fans an update on where she’s been and where’s she’s headed. “Probably, like most of you, I have been living my 20s…wandering and finding myself and wandering again. And spending days feeling incredibly lost and confused about who I want to be and where I want to go and having moments of beautiful enlightenment that has brought me to this point now that I can with so much excitement tell you that I am back in the studio making a new record,” Orrico announced in a video to fans.

When she initially took a break from music, Orrico spent some time in Africa, then ventured back to the States to join family in Denver, Colo. She now lives in New York, where she went back to school and studied women’s literature and acting. She emphasized that acting is now very much a strong passion and eluded to the fact that she had several acting opportunities in the works.

Although no release date for her new album has officially been announced, it seems it will release some time this year. In the meantime, she previewed some new songs during a virtual concert via StageIt on November 6, 2013. (You can watch the full concert here.) For those who live in Los Angeles, West Coast fans can catch her at Hotel Cafe on February 19, 2014.

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