CityHarbor1We are thrilled to introduce you to Molly Reed and Robby Earle – the acoustic duo known as City Harbor and provide a glimpse at the heart behind their songs.  Be sure to check out their debut self-titled album, which releases TODAY!

Their single, “Come However You Are,” has already received a tremendous response by helping many people gain a better understanding of God’s great love and plan of redemption.  This spring, the duo will continue sharing the message behind the music while touring with Sidewalk Prophets.

TSO: Start by sharing about your background in church and how you got started in music.

Molly: I was raised in a little Presbyterian church, and when I moved to Nashville, I started going to a non-denominational church called Cross Point. Robby grew up in church and his mom was a choir director. He now goes to a church in Nashville called Village Chapel. We’re both very involved in our current churches. I grew up singing in choirs and Christmas pageants in church, doing that kind of thing and doing solos in front of the congregation. I know that Robby started at an early age — playing keyboard and singing in church.

One of my biggest influences growing up was Amy Grant. I remember going to her concert and listening to her music on cassette tapes (back when they had those!)

One of Robby’s biggest music influences was and continues to be Casting Crowns. He tells a funny story about the first song he wrote. He somehow tracked down Mark Hall’s email address and actually sent him the song. Mark replied and was like, ‘Hey man, great job! Keep writing and doing what you’re doing!’ That really inspired Robby and gave him the confidence to keep pursuing music.

TSO: Tell how the name was chosen.

Molly: We love the meaning of harbor and what that represents – a safe place, refuge, a sanctuary. And then city is defined as any place people are gathered. We love the theme and imagery behind our name – that people can come to Christ and find refuge in Him. We want our music to be a reminder and reflection that the Lord is our anchor. We can find rest and peace when we come to Him.


TSO: What do you hope people take away from this album and from your concerts?

Molly: There’s so much. I think the common thread throughout our album is the constant reminder of God’s grace and love that is always available to us on a daily basis. I think sometimes when we listen to Christian music, we forget to dig deeper and really look at Scripture and see how it applies to our lives. We want to inspire anyone who listens to these songs to not only dig deeper in Scripture, but also be reminded that God’s grace is always there and always available. Our single is called “Come However You Are” and it’s inspired by Matthew 11:28, where Jesus says, “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” We want to encourage people to come to Jesus in whatever shape they are in and to find the rest, love and peace that only comes from Him.  Our live show is really focused around what the lyrics are saying and wanting to lead people to Christ.

TSO: Share some stories about how your music has impacted people.

Molly: There’s one song on the record called “I Still Believe.” In my life, I’ve had to battle through seasons of depression and anxiety. Being in that place, it’s lonely and low. This song was written to be an encouragement – proclaiming “faith isn’t always a feeling, it’s a choice.” You have to choose to believe Christ. In John 16:33, Jesus says, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome this world.”

Just to rest in knowing that even when we struggle through things, that Jesus has already overcome it and His love never fails. Through this song and sharing about my personal struggles, it’s been really cool to see all ages – from teenage girls to grown adults — admitting that they have gone through similar seasons and struggles, not knowing if God was there. Many people have said that after hearing this song, they have been able to put things in perspective and be reminded then to believe, trust and know that God is unfailing and unwavering. It’s been really cool to encourage people and to love on them in this way. Sometimes it’s beneficial when you can relate to people through a personal hardship, on a brother/sister in Christ level, so they can be reminded that we all have struggles and there is hope because of our Savior.

TSO: What’s your favorite part of what you do?

Molly: Connecting with people. Robby and I both feel this ministry is a calling on our lives. Music has such a cool way of breaking down walls, barriers and emotions, and it opens the door for God to provide opportunities for us to meet people and talk with them on a real level and share stories. We love getting to the end of the show and meeting people, finding out how we can pray for them.

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