God'sNotDeadShaneHarper2In addition to his role as Josh Wheaton, a college freshman defending his faith in the movie God’s Not Dead, actor Shane Harper (Good Luck Charlie, High School Musical 2) wrote the song “Hold You Up,” which is featured throughout the film’s opening credits.

“Months before I even got an audition for the film, I wrote part of this song and I put the chorus in my computer as a demo,” Harper said. “After we wrapped up production for the film, they asked if I would like to write a song for the film. A couple of days later, I remembered this song that I had started working on and the chorus was just perfect for what my character was going through. The whole context of the movie worked amazingly, and I didn’t have to change a word in the chorus.

“I think that God led me to write this song specifically for the film, and the lyrics ended up having a huge impact on me and in the movie. I was going through some hard times when I wrote this, dealing with anxiety and stress. It was a little bit of a dark season, so I wrote the chorus about kind of giving it up to something greater than yourself and surrendering your struggles over to Christ. It’s about letting God bring comfort into your life and knowing that He is taking care of everything, even in the midst of your struggles. It’s a matter of trusting in His providence.”

* Be sure to check out the movie God’s Not Dead – releasing in theaters nationwide on Friday, March 21!