Passion take it all

As the folks from Passion prepare for the release of their latest live music recording (Passion: Take It All, available April 29), let’s shine a spotlight on a more significant outcome of a pair of Passion conferences.

This year, paired conferences in Atlanta and Houston served host to over 35,000 students representing 46 countries and more than 1,200 universities. Gaudy numbers like that are typical of Passion, which gives one reason to pause and take in this next gaudy number. Those students donated over $670,000. That’s real money, not pledges, and yes, that’s the correct number of zeroes. Those funds will provide printing and distribution of over 65,000 Bibles to the people of Iran.

A central draw to Passion is the music; this year’s conferences featured Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Crowder, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill and Brett Younker. Passion, therefore, is a great example of what happens when music begets action. Similar stories occur when artists work for organizations like Compassion International or World Vision.

There is much that is “corporate” about Christian music. It is an industry, after all, and sometimes the focus is on the machinations of the industry instead of ministry. So, take heart in this bold example and so many others like it when music is all about tangible, life-changing ministry.