Most movies start with a script, and then music is written or chosen to compliment the story.

In the case of the new movie “God’s Not Dead”, the music came first.

“We have a relationship with the Newsboys and were familiar with the song,” explains David A.R. White, who portrays Pastor Dave in the film. The song became a significant element in the development of “God’s Not Dead,” a movie about apologetics, defending one’s faith.

White, a California-based writer/actor/director/producer, has been involved in movie ministry for nearly 20 years and is responsible for a number of films that challenge Christians about matters of faith, including “In the Blink of an Eye” and the movie series “Revelation Road.”

“We talked to a lot of pastors,” says White. “This (apologetics) was a topic that came up as one that was relevant to them and to their congregations.”

"God's Not Dead", Newsboys' song inspires film about apologetics.

“God’s Not Dead”, Newsboys’ song inspires film about apologetics.

In “God’s Not Dead”, Pastor Dave believes his usefulness has expired. His story is one of six that converge in the movie’s script. The main tale, however, is that of Josh Wheaton, played by Shane Harper (Good Luck Charlie).

Josh, a college freshman, is faced with an academic challenge that tests his faith. He must write “God is dead” on a piece of paper or get a failing mark in Philosophy.

Josh is the only student in the class to refuse the assignment given by the professor, played by Kevin Sorbo (Hercules).

There is a cameo appearance by Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, and the Newsboys perform their inspiring song.

White believes “God’s Not Dead” tells a compelling story that is relevant to a wide-ranging audience, not just college students and not just Christians.

“We want to encourage people to not only know what you believe but why you believe it,” says White.

PureFlix Entertainment distributes the film and is asking churches to partner in bringing “God’s Not Dead” to local theaters. Currently 750 theaters are scheduled to show “God’s Not Dead” on its March 21 premiere date. Theaters and times are updated on the “God’s Not Dead” website.