If We're Honest Cover ArtFrancesca Battistelli
If We’re Honest
Fervent Records
Rating: 5/5 stars
Genre: Pop

Francesca Battistelli won the loyalty of fans by wearing her heart on her sleeve for her 2008 major label debut. With her third studio project, If We’re Honest, the award-winning singer-songwriter continues to showcase the sincere authenticity that first endeared her to fans.

Thanks to longtime producer Ian Eskelin (Chris August, Dara MaClean), If We’re Honest propels Battistelli to the next level sonically. Even more pop-centric than her previous efforts, the 11 tracks reveal a candid glimpse into the personal life of the 28-year-old wife and mother.

The fervent energy and lyrical creativity of “Write Your Story” serve as the perfect introduction to the album and Battistelli’s next professional chapter. The quirky, true-to-life “When The Crazy Kicks In,” reminiscent of “This Is The Stuff,” finds the singer attempting to juggle life’s demands.

Stand-out track “Unusual” reminds listeners it’s OK to be different with novel lyrics like: “Grey is now the status quo/ Black and white’s not in, you know/ You’re the zebra in the pony show…”

The title track centers around a stripped-down piano melody that finds Battistelli waxing poetic on being authentic, and anthemic closer “We Are the Kingdom” boasts a worshipful chorus that will prove to be a future concert moment-maker.

If We’re Honest is an accurate representation of a wife, mother and songwriter doing her best to chase after Christ in the midst of real life. The album showcases Battistelli’s ability to pen shimmering pop songs filled with relatable lyrics, making Franny feel more like a friend than an award-winning pop songstress.

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This review was first published in Living Light News.