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Colony House_When I Was YoungerWhen I Was Younger (Descendant Records)

Colony House

The highly-anticipated debut from Caleb and Will Chapman (sons of award-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman) and longtime pal Scott Mills was well worth the long wait. When I Was Younger has been finished for quite some time and teased with an EP release, whetting intrigued fans’ appetites with atmospheric hooks and remarkable lyrics. Wisely, Colony House held out for just the right time and the right marketing machine to release what could be the most surprising album of the year. The profound lyrics belie the trio’s youth and beautifully speak of the hope and deep faith that anchor their souls. Caleb’s lead vocals are smooth and emotive, and the melodies provide the perfect, roll-your-windows-down summer soundtrack. With a powerful mainstream label behind them (Descendant Records–also home to The Lone Bellow) and major media attention already streaming in from the likes of NPR, PASTE and People magazine, Colony House is poised for big success. We’re predicting they blow up, at least we certainly hope so. Their music is that good.

Favorite Track: “Glorious”

Getcha Some: Download When I Was Younger.