They may not include a cameo of Tom Hanks (thanks Carly Rae), but here are six videos we really, really, really, really, really, really like:

1. “Blameless,” Dara Maclean

Set in-the-round, Dara Maclean’s video for powerful single “Blameless” brings her truth-filled song to life and showcases her larger-than-life voice. From the center of a sparsely-decorated room, the songstress passionately praises surrounded by a ring of enthusiastic worshippers. The video clocks in at over seven minutes, but her version of “How He Loves” tagged on at the end is worth the extended time stamp.

2. “Second Guessing Games,” Colony House

It’s no secret that we love this band, but their new video gives fans like us a glimpse into the sweat equity they’re putting in behind-the-scenes. From goofing off to working hard, “Second Guessing Games” displays road life at its finest.

3. “I’ll Wait for You,” Moriah Peters

Does it get any cuter than Moriah Peteters (Smallbone) and her husband Joel Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY? We think not. And just when we thought their dreamy love story couldn’t get any sweeter, they go and release this lyric video of a song they wrote together with real footage from their California wedding in 2013. The song’s found on Peters’ latest full-length release, Brave (Reunion), and features vocals from her hubs.

4. “Disconnected,” VERIDIA

Part epic, part film, part love story, VERIDIA’s video for “Disconnected” is one of the most creative visual interpretations of a song we’ve seen in a long time. The band filmed the video, concepted by front woman Deena Jakoub, in a warehouse in Austin, Texas, over the course of two days and even painted their own props. (Learn more about the video in our recent interview with the band here.)

5. “Storyteller,” Morgan Harper Nichols

This young singer-songwriter may not be a household name yet, but once you watch this video for “Storyteller,” you’ll want to Google “Morgan Harper Nichols.” Let us give you a head start — she’s Jamie Grace’s talented sister and Gotee’s most recent signee. This lyric video for her debut single introduces fans to her brilliant lyricism and unique artistic style. Moreover, the stunning video footage was filmed by Harper and her husband in Oahu, Hawaii, during a family reunion, where she first performed the song.

6. “Diamonds,” JohnnySwim

New parents JohnnySwim bring fresh facets of perspective to their debut album’s title track, “Diamonds,” with this new video. Beside literally kicking up some dirt, the film follows a family whose daughter appears to be terminally ill as her dad creates an epic adventure for his little girl. Filled with sweet sentiments and stunning visuals, backed by Abner and Amanda Ramerez’s unmatched vocals, this video is one for the books.