Chris August_The MakerChris August
The Maker
Fervent Records
Rating: 4/5 stars
Genre: Pop

Singer/songwriter Chris August re-emerges with his third studio effort, The Maker. The title track and first single sets the tone immediately with its epic imagery exalting the creativity and beauty of our Creator. The song also reveals the depth of August’s songwriting, turning a phrase with ease. “He’s Still Here” acknowledges that the God of biblical proportions actively works in our lives today; while “Drop Your Stone” hones in on choosing to compassionately love instead of passing judgement. “Paradise” finds the songwriter missing a loved one now in heaven.

In addition to his showmanship as an acoustic pop writer, August slips in bits of his R&B-flavored past, his falsetto smoothly cruising over slick grooves. Moreover, he also explores relationships with tracks like “I’m In Love With You” and closing cut “Something,” two of the album’s best. If the exuberance and excitement evidenced in these songs is any indication, the 30-something bachelor must have fallen head over heels in love recently. If not, he simply has a knack for capturing the pure joy ignited by love’s first spark. (However, we could do without the cheesy pop/R&B blend of “Superhero.”)

While August proves he’s more diverse than we often give him credit for, the descriptive, poetic language unearthed on The Maker is exactly the kind of lyrical genius that will propel the award-winning artist forward.

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This review was first published in Living Light News.