Live Forever_Matthew WestMatthew West
Live Forever
Sparrow Records
Rating: 3/5 stars
Genre: Pop

Live Forever is the next edition of story songs in Matthew West’s burgeoning discography. From the first fist-pumping note of the title track, listeners will notice a distinct enthusiasm absent on previous efforts. The serious tone of the topics he addresses in this new collection is juxtaposed by music that’s upbeat, fresh and celebratory. In addition, there’s ample opportunity for fans to sing along with numerous repeatable hooks running throughout the 11 tracks.

Lead single “Day One” provides evidence of the colorful fun West brings on Live Forever, evoking images of a confetti-filled carnival. “Tryin’” marches on like a veritable ticker tape parade complete with acrobats and ribbon twirlers. The song’s message encourages listeners—particularly young girls—to not believe the lies the media propagates.

Stand-outs “The List” and “Grace Wins” break down the gospel, emphasizing that our mistakes are in the past. “World Changers” pays tribute to a young cancer patient who gave her Make-A-Wish request away to help others. Meanwhile, “Mended” tells the story of a young woman rescued from human trafficking. The album concludes with “Heaven Is The Hope,” a foot-stomping, country-tinged cut pointing listeners toward their ultimate home.

Live Forever celebrates not only the length, but the depth of everlasting life, and every song proves West has become a master storyteller.

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This review was first published in Living Light News.