JJ Weeks BandYou may think you’re unfamiliar with the JJ Weeks Band, but chances are good, you’ve heard them. The band perched at the top of Billboard‘s National Audience Chart for an astounding 29 weeks in 2013 with emotive ballad “Let Them See You”–a rare feat for a then relatively unknown act. The group–comprised of lead singer/songwriter JJ Weeks, bassist David Hart, drummer Jon Poole and guitarist Cody Preston–is slated to drop their Centricity Music debut, As Long As We Can Breathe, this Friday, April 8. In the meantime, we’re giving you an exclusive first listen of one of the album’s cornerstone tracks, “In The Name Of.” (Stream the entire song in the player below.)

Although Weeks likes to sing from his own experience, preferring to record songs he personally has a hand in writing, he ended up falling in love with several cuts he didn’t pen for the band’s latest release–one of them being anthemic single “In The Name Of.” Written by Benji Cowart, Brian Hitt and Daniel Doss, “In The Name Of” was one of several tracks introduced to Weeks by the team at his new label home, and the lyrics immediately resonated with JJ Weeks Bandthe Macon, Ga.-native.

“The one thing about Centricity that I love is it’s a team and it’s a family. We are super excited to be there. I really do feel like we’ve made it home; but one thing that I love about it is they will bring songs to you that they think are great,” Weeks shares. “They did a lot of that, and I had to do a lot of going, ‘Man, that is a good song, but I really would rather write or co-write on a song and make a record.’ And so they brought several really, really, really good songs, and some of them just landed.

“‘In the Name Of’ was one of those great songs,” he continues. “Just talking about I can face any storm in the name of Jesus. Bring it. Come what may, I can stand through it all. It’s pretty neat. So yeah, there’s a couple on there that are not written by me, but I tell you what, I made sure that it was something that meant something to me.”

Fans can pre-order As Long As We Can Breathe here.

For more info, visit www.jjweeksband.com.

In The Name Of

Words and Music by Benji Cowart, Brian Hitt and Daniel Doss 

You know I carry

A heart so heavy

You are strong enough to hold

Not a chance you’d let me go

My hopes get shaken

My dreams keep breaking

You can see beyond my pain

You’ve already made a way

You are my way


Bring the rain, let it fall

I will stand through it all

Oh in the name of

Every doubt, every tear

I can face any fear

Oh in the name of Jesus

In the name of Jesus

I see so clearly

You’ve been here with me

I have never cried alone

You were with me all along

There is power, there is strength

There is healing in one name

I will hold to just one thing

The name of Jesus

© 2015 Word Music LLC  & Howie Cowie Publishing (ASCAP) /Dallas Street Publishing (BMI) / Word Music, LLC  & Daniel Doss Music (ASCAP