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We’re only three months in, and 2017 is already shaping up to be a big year for Selah. In addition to the release of their brand-new studio album, Unbreakable (Curb), Selah is celebrating 20 years in Christian music. The award-winning group, best known for their three-part harmony, has spent the past two decades bringing their trademark vocals to stages around the globe. In honor of this career milestone, Todd Smith, Allan Hall and Amy Perry recently sat down with TSO to talk artists they admire, lessons learned and bucket list moments.

TSO: Is there a moment from the past 20 years that stands out as a highlight of your career?

Todd: Last year, we did our first full concert at The Ryman. That’s a pretty big deal. Carnegie Hall after 9/11…

Amy: For me, I grew up just listening to Point of Grace and Avalon and Sandi Patty and pretending to be them. We just finished a cruise with Sandi Patty, and we love her. To be able to exchange phone numbers with her is a pretty big deal… It’s moments like that where you’re just like, When I was a teenager I could have never dreamed that this would be happening!

Allan: People you’ve idolized, when they start looking at you as peers—you don’t get used to that. We worked with Dolly Parton, which was huge for me. I got to sing with her.

TSO: Is there a bucket list moment that hasn’t happened yet that you’re still dreaming about?

Allan: I’d love for us to record with Emmylou Harris.

Todd: To be nominated for a GRAMMY®—that would be a bucket list moment.

TSO: In the last two decades of your career, is there a big life lesson that you’ve learned?

Allan: We get to see how many people are actually hurting out there. I know that’s always a part of life, but for people to write to you or tell you after a concert just what a song means. We’ve really started to see that on a regular basis…and it helps me refocus. You become aware of people around the world. It’s shared human experience. You think maybe what’s happening in your life is just you, but everybody around the world writes in with the same struggles.

TSO: After 20 years, what’s one thing you think fans might not know about Selah?

Allan: We’re lighthearted!

Amy: Todd’s the first person to put a bug on you… He’s a real prankster!

Todd: I’d say something that people don’t know about Amy is she is a coffee connoisseur. She was a manager at Starbucks.

Amy: Now, no offense to Starbucks, I’ve gotten into the Mom & Pop coffee shops.

Todd: Allan worked at a Pilot gas station, and he worked at an accounting firm, so he’s very detailed.

Allan: I did our [Selah’s] finances for the first 10 years until we finally handed it off to a business manager.

Watch the official lyric video for Selah’s new single, “I Got Saved”:

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