Selah2017MED Just in time for Mother’s Day, Selah’s Amy Perry has released a video spoofing Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” Clad in bath robes and frazzled hair, Perry and her fellow sleep-deprived friends croon about mom envy in “Mom Crush.” In the perfectly-timed song, they sing about all the “perfect” moms that constantly show up in their social media feeds with their Pinterest-worthy homes, well-behaved kids and Martha Stewart meals–all of which make them the tiniest bit jealous. Meanwhile, in real life, they can’t get their kids to eat what they cook; they barely have time for a shower and their house will never be clean again. While the lyrics are genius, Perry’s lead vocals sound every bit as solid at those of Little Big Town member Karen Fairchild.

After igniting controversy when the country supergroup released unlikely hit “Girl Crush” to radio at the end of 2014, Little Big Town went on to amass numerous awards and massive critical acclaim for the song that eventually broke records and spent weeks at the top of the country charts, thanks to its carefully-crafted lyrical turn-of-phrase.

The video for Perry’s mom parody of the song is below, featuring her son Josiah. Posting the video to the trio’s own social platforms, Amy wrote, “As a mom, I am constantly looking at social media and feeling inadequate when I compare myself to other moms. It’s totally wrong, and I totally do it all the time. I was allowing other mom’s successes to make me feel like a failure; not by anything they did to me, but because of my own insecurities. We all want to be perfect and we’re all doing the best we can, and I hope this video shows a little of that. We are all in this together. And we need each other, because momming is HARD!”

Selah is celebrating 20 years of music ministry this year, and the group released a new studio project, Unbreakable, in March.